Looking for a One-of-a-Kind Bag? Check Out Our List of the Best Backpacks from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Kickstarter and Indiegogo companies are always overflowing with new and creative ideas, especially when it comes to their backpacks.

It can be a little overwhelming diving head first into all these amazing ideas.

So we decided to create a list of unique Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backpacks. These bags are sure to make you stand out in a crowd and make you the envy of all of your friends.

Before we get started, what unique and innovative backpack feature is really important to you?

Choose a Kickstarter or IndieGoGoBackpack That Is As Unique As You Are

Why settle for a backpack that is JUST a backpack? Step up your game and get one as amazing as you.

Whether that unique factor comes from its’ storage capability, advanced technology, theft prevention, philanthropic twist, or its’ versatility.

Don’t let yourself just fall into the mainstream, take on the challenge of being unique!

After this, you’ll never understand why people settle for just a normal backpack.

A Kickstarter Backpack That Makes You Mobile – The Movpak


The Movpak is your typical features like any normal backpack. It has durable zippers, a laptop sleeve, an interior pocket, and a large main section to store clothes and books.

Just another backpack, right? Wrong.

Roll Up In Style

The Movpak not only holds all of your items, it also takes you to your destination.

This backpack unfolds into an electric scooter. You’re able to ride the Movpak to wherever you’re traveling in style.

It’s super easy to use and learn even if you’ve never ridden a scooter before. It is not recommended that you ride this pack through rough weather, but it can endure the light rain.

The Movpak is able to travel a distance of 14 miles before needing a charge.

Not only are you able to charge your electric scooter in only 2 hours, you’re also able to utilize the USB port that it comes equipped with to charge your other devices.

An Indiegogo Bag that Makes Your Phone Handsfree – The HiSmart


Trying to utilize your phone while traveling can be stressful. You probably want it out to help with directions, translations, snapping pics, etc. But you don’t want to have it lost or stolen. 

HiSmart has finally answered all your wishes and has created a unique smart backpack

You can customize the way you wear the bag to fit however you want it styled that day.  This includes slinging it across your back to a regular backpack or even a messenger bag look.

But the customization of the backpack does not stop at the style of it.

This App Handles Your Phone For You

The HiSmart backpack syncs up easily with your phone by just downloading their app, HiSmart.

By just clicking on the HiRemote button on the shoulder strap you can easily record your voice for a later reminder.

Never lose your HiSmart backpack or your phone because of the packs reminders of where you last left them.

You can also drop a pin in locations you’ve visited, take phones calls, listen to music, and snap photos just with the click of a button on your HiSmart backpack.

A Kickstarter Backpack That Helps You Give Back – The Just Porter Streeter Commuter Backpack


Giving back to the community can be a difficult thing to fit into our daily lives. Sometimes you can’t figure out the best way to do it. Just Porter makes that a little easier for you to do.

The Just Porter Streeter Commuter Backpack offers weatherproof protection for all of your belongings while also tightly securing them with strong, magnetic, easy to use buckles.

A Backpack That Gives Back

Just Porter helps you give back to someone in need in the easiest way possible. For every backpack purchased they fill one with supplies and donate to a child across the world. 

The supplies that fill this donated backpack is purchased from local businesses, and the maker of the backpack is also hired out of an area in need.

This way you are not only giving back to a child but those seeking to keep their stores in business and those who are searching for work.

An Indiegogo Backpack That Brings the Office To You – The Lifepack


Sometimes you just have an itching to get out of the office and work in a different environment. To help get your creative juices flowing, the Lifepack is just that, an office on the go.

The Lifepack has a designated office compartment where you’re able to store loose documents in a sleeve to ensure that they do not get creased of bent, a smaller pocket made just for receipts and business cards, and a laptop sleeve.

Made For Work On the Go

When you’re finished working the Lifepack is also tailored for your electronics.

This pack comes with a Solarbank.

This Solarbank can be charged via charging cord which then allows you enough power to charge an iPhone 6 times or listen to 96 hours of music (that’s right it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker).

If you decide to charge it via sunlight you are then able to charge your iPhone fully 1 time or play music for 8 hours.

A Kickstarter Pack That Could Save Your Life – The Capsula


The Capsula is known to be able to take on absolutely anything you throw at it.

The exterior is built tough with abrasion resistant fabric, and a zipper pocket for easy access to items like your sunglasses or cell phone.

The padded shoulder straps bring comfort to wearing the Capsula and are accompanied by chest straps that you can adjust to your preference.

Be Prepared For Anything

The Capsula is so much more than just an indestructible and anti theft exterior.

It is equipped for any emergency offering the ability to float with an inflatable pouch on the exterior.

On the inside, the Capsula includes 5 water resistant capsules of varying sizes.

These capsules velcro to the inside of your pack so they are not bouncing around while you walk or run.

The capsules allow you to organize your belongings in an efficient fashion, keeping them all in separate carriers.

A Kickstarter Bag That Helps You Look Your Best – The IAMRUNBOX Garment Carrier


Traveling can take a toll on you mentally, but it shouldn’t be allowed to take a toll on how you present yourself.

The IAMRUNBOX Garment Carrier makes sure your clothes are always looking their best no matter where you are headed.

The sleek and professional looking exterior allows for easy and light transportation.

The pack is also slim enough that it allows you to fit it comfortably in an airport luggage compartment.

Backpack Storage Like Never Before

You’re able to carry over 20L of items in the interior pocket.

The flat and spacious interior allows you to pack shirts, pants, shoes, or a belt without worry of wrinkles or creases.

Need to carry more than just two items of clothing? Upgrade from a IAMRUNBOX Singlepack to the IAMRUNBOX Doublepack.

The company is so sure of their products they guarantee you your items will be crease-free after even the longest commute.

The exterior is weather resistant to guarantee worry free travel for even the person with the most active lifestyle.

An Indiegogo Pack That Redesigns Comfort – The Koala-Gear JOEY


Sometimes having extremely comfortable shoulder straps doesn’t solve the problem of discomfort carrying a backpack. That is why Koala-Gear took to the drawing board and created the JOEY.

The functionality of the Koala-Gear JOEY allows you to tuck in the hip and shoulder straps so the excess is not freely dangling in front of you.

The optimization of space also allows you to expand the bag in size to achieve an additional 15L of space.

The Koala-Gear JOEY offers a large mesh design pocket on the side of the bag for easy access and storage of items and a secret pocket on the lower back panel.

The Fidlock magnets on the main compartment make pick-pocketing from this bag very difficult.

A Backpack With a Unique Shape

A backpack with a totally new design to reach a totally new level of comfort.

This backpack’s curved shape is designed to distribute weight to go with the flow of your body to make it feel more natural.

The new shape also creates superior air ventilation to keep your back cool while traveling.

One of the Few Kickstarter Backpacks That Nearly Eliminates Theft – The Code 10


Having to look away from your backpack for even a second can be stressful, worrying that someone might steal its’ contents or even the bag entirely.

The Code 10 backpack is fighting to end this worry with their unique backpack design.

The waterproof exterior includes a unique roll back top to prevent easy access to the 20L main compartment like a regular zipper would.

There is also a secret pocket on the inside of the shoulder strap and another in the lower back cushion, these allow you to store your most important products like a passport or cell phone.

The Code 10 comes with a laptop sleeve fit for a 15” laptop that contains additional pockets to keep up with the most organized person.

Lock This Pack Up In a Whole New Way

The Code 10 Anti-Theft System creates the ability to lock the bag as a whole up to a fixed object if you need to part with your pack for a minute.

To keep fighting theft the backpack can hook up to your luggage to ensure a safe commute with all of your items.

An Indiegogo Backpack That Makes a Bike Commute Stress-Free – The Aster


Traveling by bike can be difficult and stressful as it, so sometimes safety isn’t your first thought.

The Aster takes control when it comes to making sure your bike commute is as stress-free as possible.

The exterior of this technology filled backpack comes equipped with lights to indicate to others around you when you’re slowing down, lights flanking each side, and turn signals controlled via Bluetooth by buttons you can connect to your handlebars.

An App to Customize Your Bike Commute

By downloading the Lumos Aster app you can customize the functions of your Aster, indicating the brightness of lights and you bags battery life, you can also utilize Sidekick.

Sidekick is a device designed to sit on your handlebars and it monitors the well-being of your bike and your commute.

If Sidekick senses you have just gone through a crash it sends a message to your phone and if you do not respond in a given amount of time it will notify your emergency contact listed and send them your location.

A Kickstarter Backpack That Makes Organizing Easy – The Peak Design Everyday Backpack


Whether you’re a photographer or a person that really enjoys staying organized and optimizing your backpack, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack has got you covered.

In addition to the 30L main compartment, two large waterproof exterior side pockets with extra organizational slots are offered along with a laptop sleeve.

You can also implement the Flexfold Dividers in the side pockets for holding items like multiple camera lenses.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack has comfortable shoulder straps with ventilation to make carrying it a breeze.

Easy To Attach and Latch

You also have the ability to latch the bag onto luggage and to attach additional equipment to the exterior of the pack.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack allows for easy access using Peak Design Maglatch technology. You are able to swing open the bags top easily but when you close it you can be free of worry because of its’ secure tight shut.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Unique Kickstarter or Indiegogo Backpack For You

So there you have it, some of the most unique Kickstarter and Indiegogo backpacks we found!

Now how will you choose to stand out?

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