The Ideal Professional Backpack For Men Who Work

The Ideal Professional Backpack For Men Who Work

A professional backpack is the perfect gift idea for women and for men. But what are some qualities you should look out for in a business backpack? Below is a short list of the top 6 things you should be looking at when deciding what professional backpack to buy for that special guy in your life.

Here we go!

Backpack and Comfort Should Go Together

There’s nothing worse than lugging around a heavy backpack all day (remember elementary school?). By picking the right backpack, you’ll help alleviate strain on your shoulders and lower back.  Rule number one, make sure that the backpack has padding on the shoulder straps and along the back. This extra padding will help distribute the weight of the contents more evenly along the back.  We discussed comfort in our article about the Watson Backpack, and it’s important to place it at the top of requirements.

You can find a comfortable backpack, just look. If you can’t, look some more. ~David

When carrying a lot of weight on our backs, we tend to lean forward, which can be bad for our shoulders and back. Thick straps and proper strap adjustment are key here. Make sure that the straps are pulled tight so that the bag goes up higher on the hips. Once you do this, the weight will not be on the straps, rather on your upper torso.

Also keep in mind that after wearing a backpack for long periods of time, the back tends to get a bit sweaty. Avoid this issue by looking for a bag with a ventilated back pad for better air circulation.

What Kinds of  Materials Are Durable For a Backpack?

Backpacks Made Of Durable MaterialAnother quality of a great backpack is durable material. Most people make the mistake of purchasing a professional backpack for men simply based on looks alone. This is particularly risky if you’re shopping online. Sometimes a bad looks great on picture, but not so great in real life. Here are some quality materials to look out for when shopping for a backpack for men.

  • Cordura Fabric

More durable than nylon, cotton, and polyester, this material is great for commuting and long wear do its tear-resistant attributes. You’ll typically find this material being used for hiking backpacks, travel backpacks, and messenger bags.

  • Coated Tarpaulin

Like cordura, tarpaulin is a high-quality fabric that travel gurus swear by it. Bikers and travelers alike find tarpaulin backpacks useful in fluctuating weather conditions, long periods of travel, and carrying heavy loads.

  • Treated Leather

Leather is the most formal option available, ideal for business professionals. Whether it’s a backpack, briefcase or messenger bag, leather bags are stylish due to their clean finish. They are also durable but tend to be higher priced.

  • Don’t buy bags made with cheap polyester.

Although these are more affordable options, they don’t tend to last long.  How do you know if it’s cheap? Feel it.  Paper thin?  No. Don’t buy it.

Prices are also a good indicator of quality. If a leather backpack is retailing for $40, what are the chances that its genuine high-quality leather? Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Always Weatherproof, You Goof

Professionals tend to carry a lot of tech them which is why getting caught in the rain can be bad news. Luckily, Rain, Snow Get a Good Backpackwith a weatherproof professional backpack for men, even torrential rain won’t get through.

When purchasing a bag make sure to look for words like waterproof, water-repellent, water-resistant, weatherproof, etc. Unlike weatherproof or water resistant bags, waterproof bags can last longer in unfavorable weather. Unless a bag is intended for heavy hiking or backpacking, weatherproof bags are sufficient for any commute.

A Professional Backpack For Men Can be Stylish

When buying a professional backpack for men, it’s important to consider what will be appropriate for the workplace. The key is to find a bag that falls between chic and modest. Not only is this more professional, but it’s also easier to match with outfits.

Here are some appropriate yet stylish models you can search for.

  • Square backpack – Urban meets minimalist, square or rectangular backpacks have all the functions of a good computer bag without all the bulk. Perfect for those who don’t carry too much.
  • Roll-Top Rucksack backpack – A modern take on the traditional backpack, rucksacks now come in a durable material. Perfect for those looking for a travel bag as well.
  • Standard Backpack – You can’t go wrong with the classic. With a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, a regular backpack gives you more to choose from.

When it comes to color, black is always the safer option. Neutral colors like beige, navy blue, army green, gray are other work appropriate colors you can choose. Try to avoid anything bright or neon.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that less is more. The less bulky the bag, the more professional it is.

When it Comes to Backpacks, Practicality Is Everything

Like front jean pockets, a backpack is useless if it sacrifices functionality for style. Don’t just go for a bag that looks the part–make sure it does its job.

Definitely, avoid the cheap and cute backpacks for men.

Look for pockets in the front of the backpack, as this offers quick and easy access to important items such as transportation cards and keys. Other helpful features include water bottle pockets and a pocket for sunglasses.

A typical professional backpack for men will have two compartments, one main compartment and one smaller one. The smaller compartments are ideal for holding small items, such office supplies, small notebooks, and business cards. See through pockets are ideal because they allow for quick locating of items.

The main compartment should have a well-padded laptop compartment to keep the laptop from moving around. If you’re online shopping, be cautious and try looking for a picture of the laptop pocket. The reason being, some bags claim to have laptop pockets but don’t have padding of any sort.

A Versatile Bag Means More Bang For Your Buck 

Get A Versatile BackpackA high-quality backpack can have many uses: a weekend carry-on bag, a light hiking bag, a beach bag, a camping bag, an apple picking bag? Plain and simply, a multi-use bag will definitely make whoever receives the bag a happy camper.

Bigger and weatherproof backpacks are more heavy duty, which makes them great versatile bags.

Since some professionals travel for work, a work backpack that doubles as a travel bag would be a great idea. Check the dimensions of the bag to ensure it’s up to TSA standards, and you should be good to go.

Signing Off

So the next time you’re looking for a gift to buy a man in your life, a professional backpack is the perfect way to go.

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