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One Year, 6 Weeks to Write this Review

A little over a year ago, I heard about Just Porter’s Streeter Commuter Bag. The reviews were good. It looked cool. It was different from all the other bags out there.

So, after using it for over a year. I have a well informed opinion to share.

But there’s a Little More to This Review…

For 6 weeks I tested the newest version of the Streeter Commuter pack.

And I found the changes made a great bag, better…

If you go no further reading this review, the Just Porter Streeter Backpack is one of the best quality backpacks on the market. It won our top 10 commuter bags list for 2018, and Just Porter is a serious contender for people’s money and is worth $169.

Let’s get into the full details…

My Old Bags Made me Furious

I always felt like I was fumbling around for things with my old backpacks. And there’s a reason, there design was often impractical for my use. I’d use one for school, another for travel, and another for brining my stuff to the gym.

I used this bag for all three, but I thinks the Streeter handles these situations really well.

  • If you need a “mobile office” or work backpack anywhere.
  • You want to carry your work plus some workout clothes.
  • 2 day traveling.
  • You commute daily and need to carry a bit more sometimes.
  • If you’re a student and carry heavy books.

If you are looking for a mid-size backpack, this is in your realm.

In my testing, the Streeter is a solid bag that’s suitable for the everyday commuter. Whether you walk, bike or commute by car, it functions really well in multiple environments.

The Streeter delivers a sharp combination of open space and internal organization.  Both the laptop area and organization on the inside of the bag allow you to carry a lot without it being obstructive.

A Commuter Backpack with Compartments That You Can Pack

With the Streeter commuter bag, you get ample storage space of about 19L. You can expand the bag to approximately 23L with the rolltop.

The main compartment space can hold virtually anything from a 6 pack of beer and some groceries to books, laptop and documents.

As a graduate student, I use it to carry groceries, books, computer, and clothes.

Books inside of a commuter bag

I also used the bag as a carry-on backpack for a few trips with about 2 days of clothes and toiletries. Tip: It can fit below the seat on an airplane.

How Good are the Streeter’s Materials, Construction?

The Streeter Commuter Backpack uses military grade tarpaulin material, this backpack is durable and weatherproof. You can feel the weight instantly.

You can feel the bag’s overall quality within a few seconds. I like to think of it like opening a really nice piece of clothing. You can feel the quality within a few seconds.

Additionally, the Streeter uses straps are weighty. They are strong. I have seen straps like the Streeter uses, but not at Just Porter’s price point. These types of straps are used on backpacks that cost more than $250. The straps feel better than bags from Chrome Industries, Mission Workshop and Timbuk2.

Do I have to worry about the inside?

Reviewing the construction, the Streeter has a triple-stitched seam. Tarpaulin exterior, seam tape, and ripstop lining seal the deal.

It has very good components for the interior.

The internal design is minimalist and delivers a place for money, cords, pens, charging battery and a place to hold your phone. Its organization panel has a 4 pocket construction and works really well.

I never felt like I needed more space.

Organizer Space of Just Porter Streeter Commuter Backpack
The Streeter’s Organizer Space

While it’s footprint appears compact from the outside, its interior laptop padded compartment is sizeable. It is large enough to accommodate a standard 15 to 16 inch laptop comfortably. No gaming computers. All macbooks will fit including the old school 17 inch Macbook Pro.

Just porter Streeter's Laptop and Tablet Area
The Padded Laptop and Tablet Area.

!!! Note: The Streeter uses a floating laptop pocket. Most backpacks neglect the padding in the laptop area, but the Streeter kept my laptop secure from bumps and dings. When I put my laptop into the bag, it never hits the bottom, it floats above because of the backpack’s design.

In a couple of my previous reviews, if I put my laptop into the bag, it would smash to the bottom. Having that nice detail a a floating laptop pocket gives me piece of mind that my $2000 laptop is safe.

If the internal storage isn’t enough, it also includes an exterior quick access storage pocket (under the flap). The under the flap area can accommodate standard accessories such as laptop cords and tablets. Again, a good amount of space for daily use but not too large.

Cord Pocket Area Under the Flap
Cord Area Located Under the Streeter’s Flap

If I’m not carrying my laptop, I’m happy to use the laptop pocket as storage space.  I use the laptop area to hold papers, notebooks. Basically anything less than 1 ½” in depth.  Think: Books, Papers, etc…


What Can the Streeter Backpack Hold / Carry? Laptop, Books and More

Space inside the backpack is a leading factor that drives someone to buy one backpack over another.

Because it’s a true commuter roll-top bag, there’s enough space to carry shoes, books, pens, paper, and gym-clothes. When choosing a bag, I have to decide between a smaller bag or a large bag to fit my needs.

But, the nice medium size of the Streeter Commuter hits the spot for an everyday carry (EDC) backpack.

When I carry less, I simply tug on the side compression straps to make it smaller. If I needed more than normal space, I was able to extend the backpack’s height by opening the top a bit more. It’s nice to have that flexibility depending on what I am carrying.

Picture of the Streeter Backpack Water Bottle Pocket Area
The Streeter Can Handle Larger Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs.

As a commuter, space and ease of portability are the key factors that dictate people’s purchasing decision. Fortunately, Just Porter have considered both these aspects and designed a solid fit backpack with the relevant features and qualities to ensure not just your comfort, but also your convenience.

What about the Rolltop Backpack’s Flap and Magnetic Buckles?

The Streeter Commuter also features a TPU flap that secures the roll-top. The flap is held down by two magnetic buckles that make access to the main compartment nothing but prompt and effortless.

Now the flap buckles were a totally, “Wow, that’s awesome” feature. It’s nice that they included the same buckles for the chest strap as well.

The bag also uses a Cordura 1680d on the sides of the roll-top. That’s a great feature for helping to close the top easily.

Is this a Comfortable Roll-Top Commuter Bag?

A functional design can only take a backpack so far. The ultimate test comes in the form of backpack comfort. It’s like shoes. They can look great, but if your feet hurt you’ll never wear them.

The Streeter’s extra wide padded straps are really comfortable.

Their ergonomic design conforms to your entire shoulder and front body frame. A great feature was the wider strap width. It made carrying the bag easier and made the load easier on my back.  Plus, the shoulder straps were separated a little more than the backpacks I have seen.

Picture of the Back of the Streeter
Dual view of back. Note: Wider Straps – Comfort. Channeled Padding – Cooler Back.

Also, the shoulder strap padding had a little more than most backpacks. It may not seem like a lot, but it made the bag super comfortable when carrying heavier loads.

The backpack also includes a channeled back panel complemented with 3 channel padding. When biking or walking, it the back of the bag provided the space necessary to keep my back cool.

Are there any Anti-Theft Backpack Features?

The Just Porter Commuter has a few anti theft tricks up its sleeve. You have to look at the bag in its entirety.

The tarpaulin exterior that would make cutting very difficult, then add the ripstop inside and your gear is really safe. The only access to your laptop comes through the top of the bag unless someone wanted to cut through ¾” of padding. It simply won’t happen.  Your gear and contents are secure.

I was never in fear of having something stolen.

Lastly, Just Porter uses magnetic buckles on the exterior flap. These are not your normal backpack clips. Just Porter confirmed they contract with a German firm to make their buckles.

Does the Streeter Bag work as an Everyday Carry Backpack?

In short, yes. The Streeter works great as an everyday carry bag.

The Streeter includes an exterior vertical front pocket that allows quick and easy access to other smaller accessories such as your phone, wallet or even keys. And with the main compartment with the capacity to fit virtually anything you put inside, and an expandable characteristic that allows it to accommodate extra gear and clothes, you will never labor while using the Just Porter Streeter backpack.

Can I use the Streeter Backpack to Travel?

The Streeter is a scaled-down backpack for individuals who need the flexibility of operating from an airport, airplane, cafe. I used it to travel a few times, and I liked that it fit nicely under the seat in front of me.

The Streeter’s vertical pocket allowed me to get through the TSA line pretty fast. I was able to throw my phone, apple watch, wallet and keys in the vertical pocket and avoid fumbling for them in the x-ray tray.

Lastly, the bag’s construction allowed me to avoid concerns about weather conditions at my destination. This bag allows you to travel with your accessories to environments where the weather is pretty harsh.

Does the Streeter Backpack Have a Lifetime Guarantee?

Just Porter offers a lifetime guarantee against material defects and manufacturing.  Like other companies, Just Porter doesn’t include a guarantee against, knicks scratches, cut, etc…

It’s a solid warranty.

What are the Specifications of the Streeter Commuter Bag?

The Streeter Commuter is 19L and can expand to a larger 21 Liters if you unroll the rolltop a little.

  • Height 18″ expanding to 21″
  • Width 13.25″
  • Depth 6.5″ can be shrunk to 3″ using compression straps.

Bonus: A Backpack that Gives Back Using Charity

Here’s a nice little bonus reason to like Just Porter. For each backpack bought, they give a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need.

What Are the else do I Need to Know? TL;DR

I never felt like there was a moment when I said, “This Bag needs _____.”


•Ample storage space: it has a 19L compartment that can be extended to 23L not to mention a laptop compartment that can accommodate a 16-inch laptop, and it is very well padded.

• Easy access: it comes with magnetic clips on the flap that unlatch and
latch easier and quicker than other bags.

• A Great Weatherproof Backpack using quality tarpaulin material. With a roll-top, your contents stay dry. Note: Avoid crazy heavy downpours (tropical storm variety).

• Comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects and construction.

• Philanthropic it is the only backpack where with every purchase; they
subsequently work with a community to provide educational supplies and backpacks


  • If you want a lot of “mini-pockets” you’re out of luck. But it does have an excellent organization system which works well. I haven’t felt the need for more pockets.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing 40 backpacks on this site and having seen more than 150 backpacks in detail, the Streeter Commuter is one of the best backpacks out there.

I used my own for over a year, and I used this newest model for a 6 week evaluation.

In my opinion, it’s a great backpack that is worth every penny.

Where Can I Buy the Streeter Backpack?

The Streeter is available online on, via JustPorter.org. They don’t sell at retail locations. Current Price $169.99


View On Just Porter

Full disclosure:

I bought the original Just Porter Streeter over a year ago with my own money.

For this review, I was supplied an evaluation bag, which I returned their after the 6 week test.

I continue to use my original bag. There was no compensation or incentives for this review. I have no affiliate relationship with Just Porter.


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