Slim Pack Backpack by SlimFold: The New and Improved Commuter Bag?

When it comes to commuter backpacks, the more lightweight and minimalist, the better. SlimFold’s, creators of the Slim Wallet, have made their mark on the commute backpack world with their Slim Pack backpack. While some backpacks like the Nomatic travel backpack, are huge, this backpack is the opposite. The Slim Pack, which retails for $199, is about as minimalist as backpacks get. Originally funded on Kickstarter, this backpack weighs less than most backpacks and manages to protect everything inside with its quality materials.

Find out how such a small bag delivers on its promise as a weatherproof commuter backpack.

Slimpack: A Slim Backpack With Comfort Design and Quality Materials

If you’re looking for a backpack that’s designed for looks and function, the Slimpack doesn’t disappoint. It looks cool, that’s for sure! But it’s also a bag that delivers on comfort and durability. And that’s all due to design and materials that SlimFold used.

Lightweight, Comfortable, and Convenient: The Slim Pack Backpack

The comfort of the Slim Pack can be linked to the fact that it’s super lightweight. The Slim Pack backpack is one of the most lightweight backpacks out there. Unpacked, it can weigh between 1 to 1.5 lbs. For a lot of people, heavy backpacks aren’t much of a turn-off. However, if you walk long distances, or if you bike, heavy backpack loads can get worse over time. Not to mention the long term damage a heavy backpack can do to your back and shoulders. That’s why, for those who don’t carry much any ways, it doesn’t make sense to go around with a heavy backpack.

Another added comfort feature that’s common with most backpacks is padded shoulder straps. SlimFolds Slim Pack comes with padded and ventilated straps. These straps are also adorned with a PivotStrap at the bottom, allowing the straps to move with your body. For added support, there’s also a chest strap that can be moved to the preferred height on the chest.

SlimPack’s Tough Water Proof Exterior with Durable Hardware is Worth Mentioning

The Soft Shell exterior is abrasion resistant, meant for motorcycle wear. This ensures that the bag will remain intact even with rough treatment.

The SlimPack estimates to have a Class 2 – Waterproof Resistance by the WSRS rating system. This basically means that this a product that can withstand prolonged waterfall and forceful water pressure from odd angles also. Basically, any water exposure will bode well for this bag, except possibly submerging it in water.

On the Slim Pack, you’ll find YKK Zippers, which if you don’t know what these are, they are the best zippers out there. They are waterproof and highly durable, making them great for heavy duty use. You won’t have to worry about your zippers giving, like other zippers. These will last!

SlimPack Minimalist Laptop Backpack Design is Perfect for Commuters and Travelers

If you commute or travel, you should know that the Slimpack is great for anyone on the move. The simplistic design of the SlimPack allows you easy access to your belongings, making this a great bag to bring with you anywhere.

This Thin Laptop Backpack Minimalist Design is Everything

The aerodynamic shape of the backpack makes it the ideal biking backpack. And with almost no pockets or zippers on the outside, it’s a great option for those who commute, since you don’t have to dig around in miscellaneous pockets in search of your change or keys.

Easy visibility of everything in your bag is another great feature of this bag. The simple opening design allows you to instantly find and grab what you want. This is most convenient if you find yourself on public transportation and you need to find something quickly without bothering other people around you.

Need a Fold Pack? Slim Pack is the Thin Backpack that Folds Flat for Travel

If you’re into travel, then you should know that the Slim Pack makes a great flying companion. Small enough to be your personal item, you can pack the Slimpack with your in flight carry-on essentials, like your headphones, a water bottle, your tablet, an eye mask, and even a travel pillow.

Want to use the slim pack as a daypack at your destination? No problem! This thin backpack can actually fold to fit inside our suitcase without taking up any space. And since it’s so light, you won’t have to worry about exceeding weight capacity.

Finally, a Slim Commuter Backpack With All the Necessary Compartments

When talking about a backpack, you need to make sure you mention the compartments. Pockets and organization in a backpack are crucial for easy traveling, loading, and unloading. If you’re a person who needs a lot of pockets, this backpack may not be for you. The Slimpack is one of those modern backpacks that come with little to no pockets. The reason why many backpacks nowadays follow this trend is that we tend to carry less as a population. We don

If you’re a person who needs a lot of pockets, this backpack may not be for you. The Slimpack is one of those modern backpacks that come with little to no pockets. The reason why many backpacks nowadays follow this trend is that we tend to carry less as a population. Items that we do carry are lighter and converged, so we don’t need to carry as much with us.

However, pockets are still very much necessary to keep all our valuables safe from damage. The SlimPack does a great job of providing the necessary compartments needed, without all those useless pockets.

First Up, the Slim Backpack Front Pocket

The front pocket is perfect for packing your smaller essentials. This simple zipper pocket gives you instant access to your phone, wallet, or keys. There are also handy pockets for organization that are super convenient. You could easily fit a small sized tablet, a journal, chargers and cables, and pens, without making the Slim Pack look bulgy.

Slim Pack Backpack Front Pocket Compartments Include:

  • 1 Large Pocket for a Tablet
  • 5 Individual Smaller Pockets

Next, the Slim Pack Backpack Main Pocket for Your Major Essentials

The main pocket has a depth of about 5 inches, which is perfect for carrying binders, folders, or any other materials that you may need for the day. Although 5 inches may not seem like a lot, it’s actually perfect for everyday commuters who only need to bring a few things with them.

Inside the main pocket, you’ll also find a padded laptop sleeve that can carry up to a 15” laptop. One great thing about this laptop sleeve is that it can be removed when you’re not carrying a laptop. This allows you to make space for a camera, or an extra set of clothes, whatever you need.

And finally, the slim pack backpack comes with a convenient side water bottle pocket, which is crucial if you’re traveling long distance. Whenever I don’t have easy access to a water bottle, I get frustrated because it’s so important to hydrate. Especially when biking on a hot day!

Signing Off

That’s pretty much the basic overview of the Slim Pack backpack and everything you should know. If you’re someone in need of a simple bag that isn’t made of flimsy, weak materials, you may want to consider this backpack. Although $199, might seem like a hefty investment for such a small bag, it’ll make commuting much easier for you.

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