A Closer Look at the Osprey Porter 30 Travel Backpack

Thinking about the Osprey Porter 30? If you are planning to go for a light travel or any other short-term outdoor adventure, you need to carry along a backpack that will cater for the trip. It should be capable of accommodating all of your stuff and at the same time enhance your portability. Simply, the Osprey 30 is a backpack that is designed to cater for small trips.

It is the lightest and the smallest backpack in the Porter’ series, and this makes it a perfect carry–on. It is something that you can wear throughout the day without feeling drained or overwhelmed. This review will give you all the details that you need to know about Osprey Porter 30.

About the company

Osprey is a Colorado-based company that that is located just a few miles away from the rugged and magnificent, the San Juan Mountains. This location speaks a lot about the company’s goal and mission. First, it is a testing ground for the packs from the company. Since Osprey specializes in producing backpacks for adventurers, it will only be wise that they test them in such environment. The location also motivates the company to come up with more innovative products for trekkers and adventurers.

Features of Osprey Porter 30

To determine whether this backpack is ideal for you, let’s have a breakdown of its main features.

Zippered top pocket for accessibility

While out on adventured you won’t want to fumble in the bag looking for a particular item. Everything should be accessible in a matter of seconds. This is what 30 Porter backpack guarantees you. It has a zippered top pocket which is ideal for keeping toiletries and other small items that you will need during your trip. You can easily access contents in this pocket with total ease; there will be no hassle in doing so.

Sizable main compartment

With Porter 30, space isn’t an issue. The bag features a spacious main compartment that can be locked using a zip. Unlike the daily commuting basis whereby you don’t have to worry about the issue of space, adventure backs are a bit different. When going for a trip or an outdoor adventure, you need to pack adequate items that will last you throughout the period that you be will be out. Porter 30 suits such situations since its main compartment have more than enough space to house your stuff.

Extra vertical zippered pockets

Some of the things that you cannot fail to include in your travel packing list include books, electronic gadgets such as camera and travel documents. The bag has separate front panel vertical zippered pockets that are ideal for keeping books and other small items. These pockets separate such sensitive things from the rest of the stuff hence providing high levels of safety.

StraightJacketTM Protection

Porters 30 features StraightJacketTM compression straps accompanied with padded sidewalls. These two features offer ultimate protection to the user and the contents that are in the bag. If you are carrying any sensitive item such as an electronic gadget, it will have some level protection against physical damage thanks to the presence of padded walls. The compression straps allow the bag to accommodate more gear and also compress it into a smaller size especially when it appears that it is not full.

Stowaway Harness and Hipbelt

Porter 30 has a stowaway harness that is enhanced by a hipbelt. The primary function of these two features is to improve the security of the bag. They ensure that your backpack remains in a safe position especially when you are undergoing frequent checks at different points of travel.

If you are carrying some heavy loads in the backpack, a stowaway hipbelt will ensure that the bag remains stable on your bike throughout the journey.

Adjustable sternum strap accompanied by whistle buckle.

The backpack has adjustable sternum straps which means that you can choose to make them tight or loose on your shoulders. It all depends on what’s comfortable for you. By keeping the straps secure, the bag will remain intact on your back hence making you feel comfortable when traveling. The whistle buckle on the backpack is used to complete a connection between different straps.

Well-protected laptop/tablet sleeve

At the rear of the pack is a well-protected laptop sleeve that can accommodate a MacBook Pro and even an iPad. This sleeve is lockable by sleeve hence giving you an extra protection layer. Given that the side of the laptop is well padded, your laptop will be at least safe from effects of physical pressure that can lead to massive damage. The position of the laptop compartment boosts accessibility as you can reach your devices from any angle.

Top and Side handles

Do you want to remove the backpack from your back and carry it using hands,? Use the bag’s top and side handles. They are super comfortable, and you will enjoy taking the pack around.

User Reviews

“Got this backpack ten months ago and I have to admit that it’s my ideal bag for light travel. It is super comfortable that sometimes, I rarely feel like am carrying anything despite the fact that most of the times I ensure it is well stuffed. However, am a bit concerned about the location of the laptop sleeve. Instead of being at the rear, I think it would be better if the sleeve were right against your back.” M. Allen.

“My love for adventure traveling is what pushed me to buy 30 Porter camera. The first impression that I noticed about it is size. The minimalist design and stylish looks make it my favorite traveling backpack. All my traveling clothes and other essential items can easily fit n the bag and even leave some space. I always feel organized when having it. However, am uncomfortable with some features of the bag. One of them is on the shoulder straps. When the bag is carrying some heavy items, the shoulder straps tend to dig into my shoulders.” Mauricio.

Final thoughts

From the features above, it is clear that Porter 30 is a bag that can meet your travel needs. Apart from the functionalities, the backpack has a modern and stylish design that you will love.

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