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The Miir Commuter Bag from Top to Bottom

Miir, a backpack company that started on Kickstarter a few years back, has returned with a new bag, the Miir Commuter Backpack. Created with the best waterproof materials out there, this backpack is ideal for bike commuters and anyone who commutes to work. And while 25L doesn’t seem like a lot, you’d be surprised by how much you can fit inside here. Besides one or two hiccups that I found, the Miir Commuting Backpack seems to be a great choice for urban commuters.

Valuable Tips About Using Bike Commuter Backpacks You Should Know

Whether you bike everywhere, use public transportation or take Lyft, you know that getting around is much easier when you carry less. And although backpack companies would like to make you believe that the more you can carry, the better the bag, this simply doesn’t apply to daily travel. When you’re moving from point A to Point B, you want to be quick without inconveniencing anyone else around you (because, humanity).

Below are some general guidelines that will help you cut down on clutter you may be carrying with you. This isn’t just for comfort, but also for improved organization, overall. 

1.) Before you pack it, ask yourself, do you really need it? Some people have a tendency to pack a lot of miscellaneous items, like pens, notebooks, and other office supplies, when they might be able to just as easily find this at their workplace. Check!

2.) Create a list of everything you carry. This will force you to actually look at all that you carry, sort of like a rude awakening.

3.) Downsize if you can. Instead of carrying a physical book (sorry, book lovers), consider switching to a tablet or Kindle instead. Or maybe it’s time to part with your MacBook Pro circa 2004. Changes, both big and small, will help lighten your load.

4.) Don’t skip out on safety. Helmets are cool, just ask crash survivors. Bike lights are also great for not dying on the road. Clip them onto your backpack if you can!

Packing and Using The Miir Bike Commuter Backpack for Your Daily Biking Commute

Ultimately, It’s geared towards people who bike or take transit for their daily work commute, the Miir 25L Commuter Backpack can handle your daily technological needs.

Does The Miir Commuter Backpack Have Enough Packing Space?

When commuting anywhere you want to make sure that you have a place for all your essentials, least they move around. On the outside of the Miir Commuter Backpack are two front vertical zippers, which allow you to quickly access without having to unzip the main compartment. Speaking of, the spacious main compartment is zipped closed, for added security measure. Finally, the other compartment worth mentioning is the 15″ padded laptop compartment of the Miir Commuter Backpack. Also separate from the main space, you can easily slip your laptop in and zip it closed without worry.


19.5 x 15 x 2 inches

2.05 pounds

25L Capacity

Is the Miir Backpack for Bike Commuters?

The features and materials of the Miir Bike Commuter Backpack are a strong component of the bag, in my opinion. But, there’s more to a bag than that. Starting with the exterior, made of of 630D nylon with DWR (durable water repellent) finish, your belongings inside will definitely stay dry. Additionally, there’s a polyurethane inner coating for increased water resistance, which is an extra layer of protection that speaks to the quality of the bag. Next, water resistant PU coated zippers are all over the backpack, made to deter even the heaviest of a downpour. The bike light loop at the front of the backpack is a great safety feature, as more drivers will be able to see you.

The Miir Commuter May Be a Travel-Friendly Backpack to Bring on Trips

You’ll notice that a back panel is missing on this backpack. Maybe this was purposefully done to keep the backpack “water repellent.” However, I know some backpack companies that have managed to create a very good back panel that’s water resistant and sweat resistant as well. Just something they should look into.

Also missing is a waist strap. However, I sort of expected that. If you’re using the Miir 25L backpack to go to work, you may not be using a waist strap after all. But a durable backpack like this, made with water resistant materials, is perfect for camping or hiking. Perhaps the pack should come with a detachable waist strap that you can remove when not in use.

Finally, the shoulder straps themselves lack padding that is necessary for comfortable wear. As they are right now, you could probably carry 10lbs worth of weight before it starts getting uncomfortable. Another suggestion is that they add top-strap adjustors. The reason being that this feature creates a better back support system for a much more comfortable bike ride.

Here’s the TL;DR

There are a lot of choices in Commuter bags. Miir was good enough to make on our top 10 list, but ultimately this company need to put out a few more bags to prove it’s staying power in this market.

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