At First Glance: The Designed for Life Hideout Pack from Everyman

Looking for the next big thing on Kickstarter? Then check out our sneak peek of the Hideout Pack from Everyman.
Their first ever backpack release, the Hideout Pack is a backpack built for everything from your everyday commute to travel.
So before the new product launch, let’s take a closer look at Everyman’s new bag and see what makes it stand out from other backpacks already on the market. 

The Hideout Pack was Built for Everyday Use

Promising to work as 3 bags in one, Everyman claims that their Hideout Pack can be used as an everyday commuter bag, carry-on, or travel backpack.

Thanks to it’s minimalist design and innovative features, this backpack is highly versatile and perfect for everyday use.

The backpack also comes with Everyman’s Design for Life Guarantee.

The Story Behind the Creation of the Hideout Pack

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Everyman, this company prides itself on making simple but durable products. As you might have already guessed, these products are meant to function for everyday use.
Many of their products are smaller, such as the Grafton Pen, the Ballard Bottle Opener, or their pocket notebooks.
But with the launch of their newest product, the Hideout Pack, this might be one of their most ambitious product launches to date.

The team over at Everyman tested different prototypes of their backpack for over 12 months.

Enduring everyday commutes to work and numerous flights all in less than ideal weather conditions, the Hideout Pack was built tough.

General Specs of the Backpack

The main compartment can hold 24 liters and weights 42 oz. This is a pretty decent size for an everyday bag.

For the dimensions the bag is  17″ x 11″ x 8″ which means that it’s small enough to use as a carry-on. Plus it will fit in the overhead compartments for the majority of airlines.

The exterior of the bag uses 1680 PU lined ballistic nylon with 800g PVC base.  

The company doesn’t explicitly say whether or not the bag is weatherproof or waterproof but they may expand on the fabric and materials a bit more when they launch their product on Kickstarter.

For the exterior zippers, the bag features YKK 8.0 easy pull zippers. Typically, I’m not a fan of this style of big and bulky zippers.

But these appear to easily open and close. They also seem to work well with the split front design of the backpack.

What Makes the Hideout Pack Stand Out?

One of the stand-out features of the Hideout Pack is the split front design. Situated in the middle of the pack, this zippered opening makes the Hideout a cross between a duffel and a backpack / rucksack.

Combine that with the two horizontal zippers connecting into the prominent main zipper and it forms a big zippered “T”

The positioning of the zippers means that you have access to the top and side of the backpack. This means easier and more complete access to the main interior of the pack and helps with organization.

Speaking of organization, the pack also features two laminated mesh wall pockets. Typically interior mesh pockets don’t zipper closed but luckily these two do.

This is a plus if you want to secure certain items in place and keep them from shifting around in your bag.

In addition to the two mesh wall pockets, there are multiple internal pockets. Some quick highlights include:

  • a quick access top pocket for small valuables
  • a hidden pocket for things like your wallet or passport
  • a fleece-lined sunglasses pocket

Lastly, the pack features a TSA approved felted wool laptop pocket. This compartment reminds me a bit of the Fieldspace from the Boundary Prima System with some slight differences.

This pocket is positioned to rest directly against your back so you’ll know your tech is protected. Plus the zippered compartment allows it to open and lay flat which is perfect for getting through airport security.

Wondering When You Can Get Your Hands on Everyman’s Hideout Pack?

The Hideout Pack launches on Kickstarter on July, 12th 2017. If you act fast you can secure early bird pricing which means you get $70 dollars off the price of your backpack.

Based on what I’ve seen from their product page, this would definitely be a bag I’d want to check out. Especially if you’re already a fan of the companies other products.

Final Thoughts on the Hideout Pack

Overall, this bag might be the real deal. The design of the backpack is sleek and minimalist. There aren’t really any wild or unique features that we haven’t seen before. However, the organization of the bag seems functional and intuitive.

I’m not completely convinced when it comes to using this backpack for travel. There are some pretty great travel backpacks out there so I’m not sure if I’d want to depend on this bag for an extended trip.

But as a commute backpack, I think it would work great. This would definitely be a backpack to be on the lookout for and consider testing for yourself.

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