Here’s What You Need to Know about the Herschel Supply Little America Backpack Before You Buy

Herschel Supply Little America Backpack Review Black

The Herschel Supply Little America Backpack is a very well made backpack. There is a large pouch that it the main pocket and a smaller pouch for smaller objects. The large pouch has a magnetic flap that covers it but also has a drawcord to keep the objects secure. 

There is a large, fleece-lined, padded laptop holder in the large pouch that can fit most laptops. The pouch also has two Velcro closed pockets that can be used to put water bottles in.

Next to one of the compartments has a headphone port with it as well. The smaller pouch also has a magnetic flap along with a zipper. This pouch has a key chain holder that the owner can use as well.

The smaller pouch is used for miscellaneous items while the larger pouch can be used for items such as books or other large things.

Compartments and Interior Organization of the Herschel Backpack

Large Main Interior Pouch



The large pouch has plenty of room for whatever you need as the bag is 19.5 inches high, 11.25 inches wide and 7 inches deep. You will be able to fit a number of things inside of this pouch.

The pouch has a very nice red and white pinstripe design that contrasts the black and tan exterior of the bag. There are a lot more designs to choose from but the black and tan bag is the most common. 

Laptop Sleeve


The pouch also has a laptop sleeve that is fleece-lined and can fit laptops up to 15 inches. This is one of the better laptop sleeves that I have seen.

It is soft and padded so you can expect your laptop to be secure and not have any scratches or damages on it. 

Interior Side Pockets


The pouch also contains two velcro pockets on the sides. The ports can be used to store smaller things that you do not want at the bottom of the pouch since it is so large. There is a headphone port next to one of the pockets so you can place your phone inside and listen to music as well.

There is a magnetic flap that closes the pouch and keeps the items secure. The magnets are strong but not so strong that you need to tug to get it open. If you would like your items to be more secure there is the drawcord.

It is simple as well but does the trick. It is able to close the top of the pouch easily and makes it easier for the magnets to snap together.

Small Pouch


The small pouch would only be used for small objects you do not want in the bottom of the large pouch. It is much smaller than the large pouch so you can not store anything big inside. 

It is still a great place to store things though. The pouch has a key ring holder inside which is a cool design idea.

The key ring is red just like the pinstripes in the large pouch and there are pinstripes in the small pouch, not all around like in the large pouch though.

Magnetic Flap for Quick Access


There is a magnetic flap on the small pouch as well to keep the items secure, though it is much smaller. Both the small pouch and the large pouches magnetic flap have a leather strap with a nice design addition of a buckle.

You can change the length of the leather strap but it is more for design rather than to secure the bag. The small pouch does not have a drawcord but it does have a zipper to secure the items as well with the magnetic flap.


herschel-backpack-straps (2)


There is padding in the straps of the bag and on the back of the bag. The padding for the strap is pretty thick with a larger length of padding for the shoulder area. It is split up into four sections to make the padding able to move easier and to keep it durable. 

There is deeper padding on the back of the bag too located near the shoulder blades and the lower back of a person. These make it a lot more comfortable to walk with the bag makes the bag more durable.



This is definitely one of the best-looking bags that I have had. It has a very simple design but it still looks stylish. Since the bag is very durable too, it continues to look good for years. Wear and tear over years tends to make bags make worse but this bag doesn’t show many signs of it. 

The pinstripe design in the pouches is the standout design feature of the bag but it compliments the bag well. With basic colors of black and brown, it was a good choice to add a color that would pop. 

The leather straps are a good addition as well since on the outside of the bag, it is just black. The embroidered Herschel Supply brand tag on the small pouch is also a nice style element.




One thing this backpack excels in is durability. I received this bag on Christmas of 2015, so I will have it for 2 years this year,  and it still looks the same as when I took it out of the package. There are no rips or tears on the bag anywhere. 

The magnetic flaps still snap together and the drawcord still works so my bag is secure no matter what. There are no tears or rips inside of either pouch, they are in quality condition too. The straps also look as good as new. They are not in risk of tearing and still have all of the padding in them. 

Overall, it looks the same as when I first got it which is amazing. Out of all the bags I have had, none have stood the test of time like this bag. I’m pretty sure I will continue to use this bag for many more years.

Padding is Designed for Maximum Comfort

Another one of my favorite features of the backpack is all of the padding in the bag. The straps and back part of the bag have padding in them which makes it easier to carry around your things. The padding is substantial too, you can tell the difference between other backpacks.

This padding makes walking with the bag a lot easier. I talked about it earlier but the shoulder blade and lower back padding are very thick and provide substantial protection from pain from carrying too much weight. There is padding in the shoulder too but it is not as much as in the back but it still keeps the pain away.

I have had times where I had to walk blocks with this backpack. With other bags, I would probably have to take a break or just trudge along with the bag. The Herschel Supply bag makes it a lot more comfortable to walk with a backpack.

The Size and Dimensions of the Bag is Just Right

The bag has many features that are beneficial as well. There is only one pouch for books and things but it is very large. There is more than enough room in the pouch for a multitude of things if you need to store something.

I personally do not like the one pouch for reasons that I will explain later but it is still great. The pouch is large since there is really only one to store large items. Since it is so large then you can add a lot before it gets full.

Sometimes the flap that secures the pouch does not close if you store too many items in the pouch which is why there is a drawcord. I haven’t had to use this part of the bag too much again because the pouch is so big but when I have had to it is strong enough to keep the items in the bag. The bag also has two compartments on the side that I mainly use for water bottles but overall I do not use the compartments immensely.

They are a good size though. You can use them for other reasons besides storing drinks but I have not found another reason to use them. The small pouch is mainly for really small objects. This pouch is a lot smaller than the other one. I use it for things like hand sanitizer and mints, very small things. As I said, the pouch also has a magnetic flap to close it but also has a zipper.


These drawbacks are more of small things I would change about the bag. I like the Little America bag a lot but nothing is perfect. This first drawback is really based on the person and it is somewhat of a nitpick of the bag.

Not Enough Compartments to Help You Stay Organized

herschel-little-america-backpack-interior (2)

I personally would have wanted to have more than two pouches to store my supplies. The first pouch is large but I do not necessarily want to store everything in one pouch.

With this large of a pouch you usually just stack things on top of each other because the other pouch is too small for anything else. An example of this is when I was in high school. I would pack a lunch in my bag along with my books. I could not put my lunch in the small pouch so I would have to place it on top of my books.

So whenever I needed to take out a book, I had to take out my lunch. This is the same idea with other things. I have had other times where I have to put multiple things in the large pouch which makes it hard to get to other items.

Overall though, this is not a huge issue. It isn’t as if it takes a lot to move things around and other bags are not as large the Herschel Supply bags so you would run into a similar problem with a different company.

Final Thoughts on the Herschel Supply Little America Backpack

Overall, if you are looking to buy a stylistic, durable, efficient bag, this is the bag for you. This bag is good for almost any task whether it be for school, travel or some other reason. I personally enjoy this bag a lot and would recommend it to anyone.

The price is a little high but for what you are getting in return, the price is worth it. If you take good care of it then you will be able to use it for a number of years. I am about to have my bag for 2 years now using it pretty often and I will most likely use it for much longer.

So I can tell you this bag is worth the price you get it at. I guarantee that.

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