Hackpack Backpack From Kickstarter: Dream Bag For Young Professionals?

The Hackpack commuter bag by Hackpack Design, originally launched on Kickstarter, was created out of a need for a versatile, professional backpack. Kim and Ed, the creators, set out to make the best commuter bag for daily and light travel use. The result? The Hackpack. A 4-in-1 commuter backpack that transforms into a briefcase, messenger, and sling, this modular bag seems like it can appease all types of commuters. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the bag that seems to have it all.

Hackpack’s Four Styles: Backpack, Messenger, Sling, and Briefcase

Before we get into how the Hackpack can take on four forms, let’s first discuss one important question:

Why would you want a bag with so many different styles? Who would need that?

This is the first question that came to my mind when I came across this product, not gonna lie. And it’s a fair thing to ask because I like to keep things simple and didn’t really understand why anyone would want to complicate their life with all the features this bag offers.

But as I began to read more about the product and the goal of the creators, it became clear to me that this is a product that people out there will actually appreciate. This bag takes into consideration commuter’s and professional’s needs and offers a flexible bag that’s versatile for every occasion.

So, how does the Hackpack go from messenger bag to commuter briefcase, to backpack, to sling bag?

Below I’ll discuss how the Hackpack manages all of this while keeping the bag looking minimalist and sleek.

Carry the Hackpack Messenger Style

For a simple messenger style, you can attach the included padded over-the-shoulder strap to the secured metal rings on the side of the bag. This is great if you’re going for a more professional look around the office or downtown where you work. And if you don’t want to use the shoulder strap, you can simply unclip it and stash it away.

Carry the Hackpack Backpack Style

If you plan to bike to work, or simply hate having your bag the way, your messenger bag converts to a backpack in just a few seconds. The bag of the bag has a zipper at the top, which is where the backpack straps are stored. You simply take them out of the pocket, clip them into the hidden metal rings at the bottom of the bag, and you’re all set. This is a very useful feature for young professionals who want to look good, but don’t want to hand-carry their bags as they commute. You want to make sure your hands are available at all times.

Another suggested way to use the shoulder straps is to criss-cross the straps and slip them over a suitcase handle. That way, if you do plan to travel with the Hackpack, you can give your back a break and carry it on top of your suitcase instead.

Carry the Hackpack Sling Style

If you dig the aesthetic of Chrome backpacks, this feature should appease you. Instead of taking out both shoulder straps, just take one out and clip it to the opposite side metal ring. Now you have a sporty, casual style bag for commuting to work.

Carry the Hackpack Briefcase Style

For the most corporate look of all, you can skip the shoulder straps and simply carry the Hackpack briefcase style. With hidden briefcase handles that pull out when you need them, this style is as minimalist as it gets. The Nomatic Backpack offers this feature also, though it doens’t look as professional as the Hackpack, which is specifially made for professional settings. 

Hackpack Commuter Bag Compartments and Features

Aside from the transforming features of the Hackpack commuting bag, this backpack also has a good amount of organization features to keep young professionals on top of everything.

Front Zipper Pocket For Convenient Storing and Quick Access

On the front face of the Hackpack is a zipper pocket, deep enough to carry a tablet, book, your phone, keys, and wallet. The zipper for this pocket can be tucked away under a flap, which is great added security for belongings. There’s also a hidden keychain clip to help you get to your keys quickly without hassle.

One thing that would probably make this front pocket perfect was if it had smaller organization pockets inside, and if it opened up a little bit more. I only say this because getting into a pocket that deep with limited space gets a bit tricky when the pack is full, in my opinion.

Main Packing Space For Your Daily Work Essentials and More

The main storage space seems to have a good amount of space to carry all your daily essentials. You can easily pack a change of clothes, some books, headphones, snacks, folders, notebooks, and shoes. While you may not need to pack this much every day, it’s nice to have that space available.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly pack that much, here’s the secret.

The Hackpack commuter bag has a 360-degree expansion zipper, giving you 2 more inches of packing space. The great thing about the design of the bag is that even though you have all this space, it doesn’t look bulky or over-packed, keeping you looking professional.

Also inside of the main compartment is a cargo net to help keep your items separate and in place. It’s great for stashing your shoes, big headphones, laptop charger, mouse, you name it. I’m a huge fan of mesh pockets in general, they’re great for easy spotting and quick access, so this is a great feature in my book.

Laptop Compartment With Easy Access and Plenty of Room

In the back of the bag is the laptop compartment. This pocket can open up to lay completely flat, can carry up to a 15” laptop that remains secured in the sleeve with a magnetic flap.

Because this pocket has a panel opening, you can lay a shirt or important documents on one side, and then zip it closed. This will keep your things flat and wrinkle free.

Specifications of the Hackpack Office Commuter Bag


Exterior: 16″W x 12.25″ H x 4″D

With Expansion: 16″W x 12.25″ H x 6″D

Cargo Net: 13″W x 9″H

Front Pocket: 12″W x 9″H

Price: $150

Materials of the Hackpack Commuter Bag

In keeping with the professional ambiance, the Hackpack is made of a durable black and gray nylon material that looks tweed. As far as how well this bag will wear, only time will tell. I’ve been wrong before, and some commuter bags that I thought would hold up, ended up falling apart in the 6-month mark.

The hardware of the bag will definitely hold up for longer, as the Hackpack uses YKK zippers and metal hardware throughout the bag.

Concluding Thoughts

The minimalist and versatile design of the Hackpack office bag makes it a great unisex backpack for any young professional out there. While it’s not a heavy duty travel backpack by any means, you can definitely rely on this backpack for your daily needs or as a personal item on a flight.  

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