Is the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Right For You?

For anyone professionals out there that want a backpack dedicated to carrying your electronics, you should check out eBags Slim Laptop Backpack. Similar to the Slimpack Kickstarter Backpack, the ebags Slim Professional Backpack has a minimalist design for everyday commuters. Whether it’s for work or for travel, this backpack is designed to organize and protect all your electronics, while still maintaining a slim profile.

But with so many professional backpacks out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Below I’ve answered a few questions about this backpack to help give you an idea of who this backpack is designed for. After that, if you’re still interested in learned more about the Slim backpack and my thoughts on it, keep reading.

Is the TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Appropriate for Work?

Yes, I would say that this backpack is suitable for corporate casual wear, in terms of how the outside looks. It’s a professional looking backpack that’s not bulky or heavily decorated. The minimalist exterior and slim profile makes it an office friendly backpack, in my opinion.

Now, if you prefer a more professional look, you’re probably looking for a briefcase or something with leather. Brands like a Tumi and Briggs and Riley also offer more professional looking backpacks, but cost three-times more. It comes down to what your priorities are and what you need for work.

The sleek design of the Slim Laptop Backpack also makes it good for commuting. Whether it’s by bike or transit, you can easily get work with this backpack. With comfort features incorporated into the bag, you don’t have to worry about arriving at work looking worn out and sweaty.

Finally, the organization features of the backpack, which I’ll discuss in detail later on, are what make his backpack great for work. The streamline design of the Slim laptop Bag is perfect for busy individuals who want to keep their items organized and easy to reach.

Is the eBags Slim Laptop Backpack Too Big For Thin Laptops?

Maybe. Afterall, this backpack can carry those thick laptops that you see every now and then. Whenever I slip my 15″ Mac inside the sleeve, there is a considerable amount of space left. If you have up to a 17″ laptop, this backpack is perfect for you. But if you have a laptop that’s 15″ or smaller, I’m not sure you need this bag.

Not only is the laptop space big, but the actual storage capacity of the bag is also big. Some people could benefit from this amount of space, and others find it useless. Nowadays, people just carry a laptop and charger to work, along with a few pens, a notebook, phone, keys, and wallet. That’s why there’s no need for extra spacious backpacks, especially in the professional world.

Tip: If you carry a 15″ laptop or smaller, you should check out the eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack.

Can You Use the TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for School?

This is a bit tricky to decide. It depends on how much a student needs to carry on a daily basis. If you need to carry a lot of books and electronics, this backpack might be too slim for you. But if you only carry two textbooks and a light laptop, this backpack might work for you. I would say that this backpack is best for graduate students, and it’s probably not suitable for undergrads or high schoolers.

Is the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Good For Travel?

I would categorize this backpack as a travel laptop backpack and commuter bag, but not so much a travel backpack. If you’re looking for a backpack to carry all of your clothes for travel, this isn’t the one for you. The Slim backpack is optimal for storing your laptop, tablet, cables, chargers, etc. The organization that this backpack provides is more suited for tech gear than clothing, shoes, and toiletries.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t put a change of clothes in here because you totally could. But I wouldn’t use the Slim backpack to pack for a weekend trip because it would look ridiculous and over stuffed, which defeats the “slim” aspect of the bag.

Is the eBags Professional Backpack a Carry-On Bag?

Yes, this backpack fits within the carry-on dimension standards and most personal item standards. If you wanted to, you could fit this backpack under your seat, and also bring a carry-on rolling luggage to store above you.

Tip: If you want to bring the Professional Slim Backpack as a personal item, make sure you check your airline’s personal item dimensions. 

So, Who is the TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack For?

The Professional Slim Laptop Backpack is a low profile backpack for the working professional who often commutes with a lot of tech. If this profile speaks to you then you’ll probably want to keep reading as I break down all the features of this backpack.

Features of the eBags Slim Backpack: Organization and Storage

The key thing to know about the Professional Slim Laptop Backpack is that it has a lot of storage and compartment capabilities.

Front Compartments

In the very front, there’s a small vertical zip pocket that can fit your passport, boarding pass, itinerary and the such.

A front panel organizer keeps your items visible to your at all times without the unpleasantness of having to dig around for your things. Inside you’ll find:

  • three zippered mesh pockets that allow you to see what’s inside
  • two big zippered pockets
  • two business card pockets
  • three pen pockets
  • one elastic pocket
  • key leash

Bottom AC Adaptor Garage

At the bottom of the backpack is the AC adaptor garage. This hard case protects fragile items such as your cables, chargers, mouse, headphones, and even glasses. It’s pretty much great for all your tech accessories. If you don’t wish to use this feature, don’t worry, you can still use the space. You can pop the AC adaptor hard shell out, and in the main compartment, you simply lift up and tuck away the bottom fold into that empty space. The end result, you have a deeper main compartment to fit more things.

L-Zip Main Compartment

Instead of a typical U-zip, there’s a convenient L-zip style opening which is great for sliding things in and out. The 4” deep flat surface is great for carrying books, binders, folders, notepads. With a 13” height, it can hold a mini 3 ring binder, 2 inch binders, or even a 3 inch wide binder. If you want more height, you can remove the AC adaptor garage from the bottom, giving you a max height of 17.25”. Additionally, there’s now a diagonal pocket in the back of the main compartment, giving you more organization. 

Hidden Tablet Zip Pocket

In between the main compartment and the laptop compartment is a tablet pocket. This pocket is fleece lined, and it is advised that you insert your tablet with the screen facing the laptop, so that the contents of the main compartment don’t damage your tablet.

Laptop Compartment

The laptop compartment in the back is completely padded all around. At the bottom, there is a removable padding strip that you can take out if you want to fit a laptop that’s 17”.

Zip Away Water Bottle Mesh Pocket

At the side of the backpack, you’ll find a hidden mesh pocket for a water bottle. It’s big enough to fit a 40oz bottle, but if you’re not using it, you can tuck it away to keep the bag from looking bulky.

Features of the eBags Slim Backpack: Travel and Comfort

If you’re looking to use the backpack for travel purposes, you’ll be happy to know that it is easy to travel with, both comfort and convenience wise.

Shoulder Straps, Back Panel and Sternum Strap

Like any other backpack, the Professional Slim Backpack comes with comfort mesh padding on the shoulder straps and the back. It’s nothing special, but worth mentioning for anyone who bikes and is worried about sweat marks or sore shoulders.

There is also an adjustable and removable sternum strap for added support while traveling or commuting.

Stow Away Shoulder Straps and Padded Handles

If you want to carry this backpack briefcase style, you certainly can with the storable straps. You simply unclip them from the bottom and store them in the available space in the back of the pack.

Luggage Access Panel

One of the final features of the TLS professional slim backpack is that it comes with a vertical and horizontal luggage access panel. This simply allows you to slide your luggage handles through the backpack for easy carrying.

Features of the eBags Slim Backpack: Materials

The interior of the Slim Laptop backpack is made of 210D orange nylon lining, for easier visibility. The exterior is 840 x 900D Twisted Filament Polyester with DuPont Teflon fabric protection. This relatively water resistant fabric is why this backpack is a great value. To top it off, the hardware consists of YKK double slide zippers for most exterior compartments.

Signing Off

That’s all you need to know about the Slim Professional Backpack by eBags. I hope this answered most of your questions. If you want more information, feel free to check the bag out here.

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