What NOT to do When Commuting Using Public Transportation

Commuting Using Mass Transit Could Be Fun

Listen, commuting by mass transit presents an opportunity to meet and connect new people and it opens you to a whole new world of opportunities and fun. There are certain things you need to do in order to keep the fun going, there are mistakes you need to avoid if you don’t want to be another weird or creepy passenger. This article highlights mistakes and to avoid and how to succeed while commuting to work especially if you’re with  your backpack.  In the end, with a little research, commuting success is a slam dunk.

Manspreading, Don’t Take Up Space With Your Crotch

commuting to workThis is usually a big problem when there is a limited amount of space. Taking more than one seat when the bus or train is overcrowded is very rude. Manspreading results in the violation of the personal space of another. The name is derived from the tendency that men have to “spread” their legs when sitting down. Male or female, you should not take a space of two or three people in between your laps when you could just sit right and create more space so as to ensure that fewer people are standing.

Squeezing Yourself Into A Small Seat, You Animal

Squeezing yourself into a seat that is too small for you along with your belongings could make you inconvenience others. Don’t try to fit into a mass transit space if you don’t fit in. It gets your co-passengers angry and uncomfortable and it makes it harder for people to travel. Simply, remain standing while you’re commuting until there is a space wide enough to accommodate you without having to squeeze your hipbones tightly against your neighbors’.

Commuting Using Mass Transit and Eating Smelly Foods

Sure, garlic bagels taste great, but it’s the type of food that lingers. Don’t be that guy: just avoid eating strong smelling foods. Not only that, you should avoid eating in a public transport altogether. You are sharing a space and it’s not polite to take it over with your food. It’s also potentially risky because you don’t know if the people around you are allergic to what you’re eating. You also risk causing a mess when you eat while commuting to work. Avoid carrying hot liquids like coffee, unless it’s in a sealed container.


Taking Up a Sitting Space With Your Baggage, You Monster

Your handbag does not deserve a seat. Do not take up the entire sitting space on the bus or train unless the area is completely empty. Always keep your bag on your lap or under the seat where everyone else keeps theirs.

Being Rude When Commuting on Public Transportation Is Simply Unattractive

A lot of people are guilty of being rude, in the mornings especially. Everyone is groggy and sleepy, and the last thing you have the energy to do is be nice. However, just because you’re not fully awake yet does not mean it’s okay to be rude and short-tempered with others when commuting to work. First of all, it’s never mature to take out your frustrations with others that are not responsible for it. Second, only the most selfish human beings snap at other people on the bus or train. The fact is, no one owes you a seat, and personal space is not going to be a given. Suck it up.

Don’t be rude. Don’t give off-hand remarks, don’t flip any one off. Everyone is just trying to get to where they need to be, just like you. Make sure you are your best self when you get on the public transport because you don’t know if the person you’re flipping off is the one that made an appointment with you on phone thirty minutes ago. Don’t forget your manners when you get on the bus or train. Respect yourself!

Dozing Off On Someone Else’s Shoulders – Get a Pillow

Don’t lean your head against someone just because you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Always make use of your own personal space. And even if you manage to sleep in your own space, don’t do it. No one wants to hear snoring.

Playing Loud Music While Commuting on Public Transit – No

When you’re commuting to work, especially in the morning, it’s important to keep the volume low. Playing super loud music on your phone is almost always annoying. It is advisable to use a headphone and keep the volume down. Also, ensure that you don’t hum or sing along because other passengers could find this nauseating.

Leaving Your Litter Behind Like a Thoughtless Twit

Okay people, let’s get this one right. Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave behind that tissue that your nose just demolished. Also, to those that leave daily newspapers lying around, take the extra step and recycle it.

Shouting In The Bus (Normal Voices Rule)

If you have to communicate with someone, always text, and make calls only if you can’t help it. Make sure you don’t shout at the other person at the other side of the line when using your phone. Don’t shout at your children and don’t shout when you’re reuniting with that old friend. Always watch your anger and excitement. Don’t act nasty.

Applying Makeup Like a Low Brow Kardashian

Don’t use your Mary Kay while commuting using mass transit, and don’t clip or paint your fingers. You could spill some of those powders on the shirt of your co-passengers. You could also get it to fly around and you would bother a lot of passengers by doing this.

If you’re applying makeup on the train, you need more help than Avon can deliver. ~Mike Cavanish III

What About Your Commute, What Bothers You?

Listen, you can choose to do what you want.  But don’t be surprised when people call our your bad behavior.  The best rule of thumb is, ‘Act like Grandma is watching.’

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