Boundary Prima System and Modular Backpack: Everything You Need to Know


The Boundary Prima System on Kickstarter is pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating backpacks and providing sustainable products.

Instead of using separate bags for work, travel, and your camera gear, the Prima System is these 3 bags in one.

With features that adapt to your needs, this modular backpack keeps all your gear organized and protected no matter where life may take you.

Let’s take a closer look at how Boundary’s Prima System works and whether or not it’s right for you.

The Boundary Prima System for Work, Travel, and Photography


By combining all 3 of the components of the Boundary’s Prima System, they believe that their backpack can be used as a work bag, a travel backpack, and a camera bag.

I’m a little less convinced on how well this bag would work when it comes to a serious travel bag but based on the design features, it seems really suited for biking and hiking in urban or more natural environments.

Even though Boundary claims to suit work and travel, I think the Prima System really shines when it comes to packing camera gear.

It easily fits and secures your camera and other gear with enough room to pack any other essential items.

Whether you’re biking through the city or hiking in the woods, you can easily bring along your photography tools.

The Story Behind Boundary and their Prima Modular System


The team at Boundary includes Cavin Nicholson (CEO), Brandon Gonsalves (Creative Director), and Brad Meyer (Design Director).

The goal of the Prima System was to create a product that features technical innovation, resiliency, and sustainability.

Their bag promises to suit and adapt to your needs whether it’s in your everyday routine or some adventures off the beaten path.

What’s the Difference Between the Boundary Prima Pack and Other Backpacks?

The products offer a lot of unique features but what really sets this company and their products apart is their dedication to the environment.

Boundary demonstrates their commitment to these core values by using Bluesign® materials and factories. It implements stringent chemical standards, safe working conditions, and energy from renewable sources. This means you come away with a truly sustainable product.


And as if that wasn’t enough Boundary’s LWR initiative aims to keep the land, water, and rock environments pristine by protecting waterways, mountain bike trails, commuter bike paths and climbing areas.

Which makes sense because anyone of those locations would be the perfect spot to test out their Prima System.

What Makes the Boundary Prima System So Special?


The idea behind the Prima System is that because of the 3 different innovative features of this bag, you’ll be prepared for any unplanned storage.

The system promises to change how you store and access your gear on a daily basis with the help of the Prima Pack, the Verge Case, and the Fieldspace system.

Let’s look a bit closer at these 3 individual components and see how they can impact your daily routine.

Prima Pack


On first inspection, the Prima pack looks like any other backpack. However, it does have some special features that set it apart from other ordinary backpacks.

The backpack features magnetic buckles, YKK Stormguard® zippers, and water-resistant fabrics to keep all your gear safe on commutes to work or school.  

There’s also a magnetic key chain that’s great for storing your transit cards, bike lock keys, and other commuting essentials.


Inside the pack, the interior fabrics use low impact durable coatings, brushed silicone and PU backings. This simultaneously protects your gear and is easy to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, the fabrics promise to kill odor and repel stains and dust.

The bag also features a water resistant compartment that can fit a 15” inch laptop and the Fieldspace.This makes it easy to get to your stuff when you’re working at a coffee shop.

In terms of comfort, the Prima Pack features Boundary’s innovative  LFT® Harness.  It promises to regulate back temperature, wick sweat and evenly distributes weight.

Claiming to comfortable fit men and women of all sizes, the LFT® Harness is suited for daily commuting or hiking adventures.

Verge Case Features


This is probably the selling point when it comes down to these 3 components. The Verge is a case that you can store in the main compartment of the Prima Pack. There’s a snap on the side of the pack that provides quick access.

The main purpose of the verge case is for storing camera equipment. It features padded sidewalls, flexible dividers and a base zip that claims to increase the capacity of the bag.

It can stow 5 liters as is but can adapt to hold 10 liters by unzipping the YKK zipper. So without the expansion, the verge case can fit 1 DSLR camera, a prime lens, and a medium zoom lens. With the expansion, you can add a large zoom lens.


And there’s an exterior attachment on the Prima Pack for a compact camera tripod.

The best thing about the verge case? That it can convert into a shoulder bag and be used separately from the Prima Pack.

So if you’re traveling and you want to leave your pack behind and walk around you can just carry your verge case. All you have to do is remove the waist belt and attach it to the verge.

This is also a great option for daily use if you want to pack a lunch or other items.

FieldSpace System Features


The Fieldspace is the smallest component of the three. It’s similar in appearance to an organizer panel on a regular backpack expect that this one is removable and separate from the backpack and verge case.

It features elastic pockets and hypalon dividers that can store gadgets or tools to help you stay organized. 

It also features a magnetic flap closure so you can keep your electronics safe. Speaking of magnetic, there’s a magnetic dock inside the electronic compartment in the center of the LFT harness. This secures the Fieldspace inside the prima pack.


The Fieldspace can fit a 13-inch laptop, an Ipad Pro, magazines and documents, notebooks, 2 pens, chargers, mouse, Hardrive, and/or charger cords.

I like that you can carry and remove it separately from the rest of the bag. Seems like a perfect fit for business meetings or job interviews if you want to carry your work essentials and keep everything organized.

Who Should Buy the Boundary Modular Backpack?

I think the prima system is great for photographers. It seems like all the features fit perfectly when it comes to getting around with all your camera gear. I think professional or recreational photographers in an urban setting would benefit the most from the organization.

I could see it working in more outdoorsy environments as well. As for it being a travel bag, I just don’t see it really working great when it comes to packing all your other items. Maybe it could work as a carry-on but I’d be hesitant to travel only with this backpack.

It doesn’t have a very professional look but I still think it could be used as a work bag, especially for those that commute to their jobs.

How Much is the Prima Modular System?

Boundary is selling the Prima System on Kickstarter for $199. The estimated retail price is listed as $279.99.

This price includes the Prima Pack, Verge Case, and Fieldspace. This price tag is a bit steep but considering it promises to work as 3 bags in one, it’s a pretty good deal

Boundary also offers a production tour on their Kickstarter. For $4999 you can travel to Korea, Taiwan, and  Indonesia to see and experience Boundary’s production cycle.

You’ll get to visit the fabric and factories that bring their products to life. This is also a great opportunity to see how they make their products sustainable.

What Kind of Warranty Does It Have?

Boundary backs their products with a lifetime warranty. They have a warranty facility in Salt Lake where they can repair any of your Boundary products.

What About International Shipping?

Your pledge on Kickstarter does not include VAT, GST, or other country taxes. For their terms of sale on international orders, it is FOB destination.

For those that don’t know, this means that you pay for all freight, duties, and taxes.

All orders will ship directly from their distribution centers in Indonesia and Salt Lake City, UT and will come with a tracking number.

Final Thoughts on the Boundary Prima System Modular Backpack

Overall, the Prima System offers a lot of innovative features that could make your everyday life a bit easier

Despite all the great features that this bag has to offer, what really seals the deal is how much attention Boundary pays to create products that help the consumer and the environment.

You can find bags out there for a better deal but this bag is worth the investment if you want to shop consciously.

If you’re an avid photographer and you’re looking for a backpack that you can use for your camera gear along with all your other essentials, then this bag might be for you.


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