Our List of the 10 Best Commuter Backpacks (Really…)

Anyone that rides their bike or takes public transportation knows that a commuter backpack is a helpful tool use to make your daily commute a little easier. It has many duties.

In a perfect world, your commuter backpack should hold all your stuff, protect it with from elements and a comfortable fit wouldn’t hurt either.

Not only that, but you’re probably also looking for a bag that looks cool and stylish but that you still feel comfortable using for work

So with this in mind, we’ve created the definitive list of commuter backpacks to help you pick which one fits your lifestyle and commute the best. But before we jump into our list it’s necessary to know what exactly you should be looking for in your commuter backpack.

What Makes a Commuter Backpack Different?

When deciding on what commuter pack to choose, thinking about how you commute is a good place to start.

Maybe you ride your bike to work? Then you’ll want to choose a bag that’s durable and weatherproof. Something that’s comfortable to bike around with and that keeps you safe biking down the busy streets. 

Taking a bus or train? Then you’ll want something large but compact and with enough comfort and protection to keep all your essentials safe. 

It can be difficult to narrow it down to one pack that does it all. It helps to pick one thing that you really want your commuter backpack to emphasize.

After this, you’ll be a commuter backpack pro and know exactly what you’re looking for.

1. The Brooks England Rivington Pickwick Backpack


Ensuring the safety of your items is a big part of commuting and a constant worry for many. With the Brooks England Rivington Pickwick Backpack, there’s no need to stress about the safety of up to 26L of your belongings.

This pack offers many sleeves and pockets all while staying composed and not looking cluttered. It offers an internal sleeve to keep your laptop safe, and the main compartment rolls up towards the back which makes it possible for worry-free travel and the safety of all of your items.

Multiple Straps to Customize How you Carry While Still Looking Professional

The Brooks England Rivington Pickwick also allows a versatile way of transporting it, from carrying it in your hand or buckling up the chest strap and wearing it on your back.

There’s also no need to concern over ever looking unprofessional with its’ sleek leather trim to complement its’ cotton base, making it fit for any environment that you may be commuting to.

2. The RiutBag R10

SIDE_BLUE_R10_BGStaying organized while commuting can seem nearly impossible, but not with the RiutBag R10.

Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling by plane this pack has it handled. Starting with the exterior RuitBag R10 D-Pocket, you’re able to store items you might need at the drop of a hat during your commute like keys or your cellphone, you don’t even need to take off your bag to access them. The many interior pockets and the 15” laptop sleeve allow you to stay organized no matter how you’re traveling.

Compatible With Your Suitcase to Make Traveling Easier

The RiutBag R10 allows you to carry it on your back or attach it to your suitcase handle with its specialized straps. Although it is a little smaller being 10L if you use all the pockets correctly you can fit more than you think.

Nervous about losing your bag during commute or travel? Customize it with RuitBands to never lose track of your pack.

3. The Just Porter Streeter Commuter Backpack*


This backpack accommodates to those who want to bring anything and everything in the most organized manner. You have the ability to fit a 16” laptop in the sleeve compartment, surrounded by 5 sides of protective padding, along with a separate tablet pocket.

The Just Porter Streeter Commuter Backpack offers an expandable main compartment and a separate front pocket for easy access to your wallet or cell phone on the go.

The Peak of Protection: Weatherproof exterior.  Floating laptop compartment padded On 5 sides. A rolltop closure with a flap to boot, and adjustable in size.   —  *IT’S OUR TOP PICK

This weatherproof pack fears no storm because of its’ three layered protection, which means you don’t have to worry about any of your items being damaged. To top it off the Just Porter Streeter Commuter Backpack assures your comfort from its’ padded body forming shoulder straps to the cushioned back that is built to keep you cool and comfortable.

You can seal this bag using the easy to access metal buckles which ensure quick access to all of your belongings.

4. The Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack

finisterre-waterproof-rucksackA lengthy commute can feel even more prolonged when you’re uncomfortable, and Finisterre understands that. The Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack offers the most personalized comfort from the fit of the pack to the look of it.

It can seem near impossible to get the customized fit you search for, but this pack allows you to use the waist and chest straps to maximize your comfort. It also allows you to roll your main compartment flap forward or backward to get the look you’re going for.

Coming in a 20L size makes it perfect for your day to day travel by fitting all of your belongings comfortably, but not being too overbearing. The build of the pack also makes sure to protect against any rainy conditions. It also holds up against daily wear-and-tear, the Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack also allows you to replace specific components to help ensure that it lasts through all of your journeys.

5. The Mission Workshop The Fitzroy


You’re already on a long commute, why make it harder on yourself and make the material of your backpack heavy as well? That’s what The Mission Workshop avoids with The Fitzroy – Advanced. This pack is made of advanced materials that make it feel extremely light and easy to carry on a long commute.

A Unique Urethane Exterior Makes This Bag Unique

This pack is coated with double urethane which gives it the appearance of aging naturally over the time you have it and with each use, so your pack will be as unique as you are.

Don’t be fooled by its lightweight this does not take away from how durable the Mission Workshop Fitzroy – Advanced is. This urethane covering also coats the zippers along with the exterior and gives it a waterproof coating, preparing it for any rain you might encounter on your commute.

You can also pack all of your belongings throughout the five pockets and compartments this backpack offers, along with the 15” laptop zippered sleeve.

6. The Sandqvist Dante


Having to carry your commuter backpack every day can start to take a toll on you after a while. the Sandqvist Dante helps take some of that pressure off of you. With its’ adjustable straps, you are able to distribute the weight of your pack in a more comfortable and bearable way.

Even if certain days you prefer not to have your bag on your back at all during your commute the Sandqvist Dante’s allows you to carry your bag by its’ leather handle.

External Pockets That are Easy to Reach and Help Keep You Organized

Additionally, the leather buckle going down the front of the roll top bag is double security to make sure all of your items are held in place during your commute. It’s a no frill bag, that screams minimalist, which can be great or not so great depending on your protection needs.

The pocket located on the front of the Sandqvist Dante makes for easy access and storage for essential items during your commute like headphones or sunglasses. From the canvas exterior to the leather details you will be able to commute in comfort.

7. The Osprey Radial 34


The Osprey Radial 34 is crafted especially for those who like to commute via bike and try to make it as easy as possible for you. This pack has a cycling specific design starts with the extra storage space for your gear, including your helmet, so there’s no need to worry about losing it or having to hold it.

A Pack Made for All of Your Biking Needs

There is a special pocket designated just for the safe keeping of your bike lock. Easy access is emphasized in this pack which includes a key fob attachment to ensure that you are not constantly having to take your bag off and sits in a natural upright position for quick access to all your attachments.

The Osprey Radial 34 also has a designated spot for a blinker attachment to help keep your commute to or from safe. Rain is nothing to fear when it comes to the Osprey Radial 34 as it has a built in rain cover to help keep all of your personal items dry and secure.

8. The DBH Waterproof Rucksack


This cheaply priced back gets you from A to Z with little flash.  Getting to your destination is important, but so is getting there safely. The DBH Waterproof Rucksack uses its’ 25L size to ensure travel safety and durability. This pack makes sure you are seen during your commute, it includes reflective design and logos on the front and sides to ensure your visibility even in low lighting. A loop to hold an optional light on the back is also included to increase safety.

Tough down to the Seams and Harness

The build of the DBH Waterproof Rucksack blocks out water from entering the pack, even in the seams. Stability is no joke when it comes to this rucksack. The foam harness assures the stability of the backpack on your commute. So you never have to fear it slipping off, while still offering a comfortable fit. You are also able to tighten every strap on the back. This way you avoid them flowing freely during a windy commute, and further securing the pockets in your rucksack.

9. The Miir 25L Commuter


The Miir 25L Commuter is a lightweight pack straightforward design. This makes it easier to carry all of your belongings on a lengthy commute a little less strenuous. Storage is the main priority with this pack. The Miir 25L Commuter holds a 15” laptop.

Has that Extra Storage Space

You can store your water bottle, extra equipment, or any other belongings you deem a necessity on your commute. The sleek outside of the pack is coated with a water-resistant finish. We were trying to find out the exterior coating, but couldn’t figure out what classification it should be reported as.   The Miir 25L Commuter is also equipped for bikes. It includes a designated loop on the outside for a bike light attachment. The pack is secured on the outside with a roll down top. You are able to buckle it down for optimum security.

10. The Topo Designs Klettersack


For on the move jobs that require equipment every day, a regular backpack just won’t cut it. The Topo Designs Klettersack is built for just the job. From the straps to the buckles this commuter backpack does not mess around. The straps are crafted with seatbelt material to ensure their security, and the buckles are nothing short of heavy duty.

Optional Attachment Space for All of Your Important Equipment for Any Adventure

The Topo Designs Klettersack also allows for you to attach extra equipment. This works whether that be biking or hiking gear, to a camera bag. This backpack is not one to step down from a difficult task. The interior also includes a sleeve to fit your 15” laptop and 22.4L of belongings. The pack is then closed up by a drawstring accompanied with a zipper pocket on the exterior. The leather finishes on the outside give the bag a professional look. So it is ready for any setting you might want to take it to

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